New Czech Language Options Added in Prague

ISA has expanded the Czech language options available at Charles University during the semester and academic year terms.  Through the History, Culture & Politics program, ISA students can take Czech language classes at any of the following levels.  Each class is 45-contact hours and placement exams are required for students enrolling in the High Beginning level and above.

2-week Intensive Czech Language (required for students with no previous Czech language experience)
Beginning Czech Language
High Beginning Czech Language
Intermediate Czech Language
High Intermediate Czech Language
Advanced Czech Language

High Advanced Czech Language

This is a great opportunity for students with previous Czech language experience to further their language studies while immersing themselves in Prague, one of the most picturesque cities in all of Europe.    While in Prague, students will enjoy the rich local culture filled with savory foods, lively festivals, and unique art & history.  To complement the academic component, students also will attend excursions around the Czech Republic to visit castles, small towns and the beautiful Bohemian countryside, as well as two international excursions to Berlin and Vienna