6 Students Inaugurate ISA’s First Program in Barranquilla, Colombia

ISA is proud and excited to welcome our first group of students to Barranquilla, Colombia. This thrilling program introduces six students from across the U.S., to the wonders of Colombia to spend their spring semester studying at the renowned Universidad del Norte.  Students will be taking classes in both English and Spanish, using their free time to get to know the city that they will call home for the next 5 months.

This week, students will complete the ISA orientation and the UNINORTE leaving next weekend to enjoy their first excursion to Cartagena, followed by the beginning of spring classes. This semester absolutely breathes adventure and excitement with students participating in two more excursions to Santa Marta and Isla de Salamanca, cultural activities around Barranquilla, language exchanges with local students, learning to call a new city home and making some great friends along the way.

This is just the beginning for ISA in Colombia. This summer, ISA offers the Spanish Language & Courses with Locals program followed by another group of students taking off for their fall semester.