The Road Less Traveled: Unlock Latin America’s Hidden Treasures this Summer

Photo by ISA student Vanessa Whited in Aguas Calientes, Peru

This summer, check out ISA’s non-traditional study abroad destinations throughout Latin America and send a post card from your road less traveled!

Which road will you take on your journey this summer?

Will you take the road…

That leads to the Manzana de Jesuitica in Córdoba, a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Or that winds from Heredia through the dense Costa Rican rainforest, en route to the Arenal Volcano?

Or on horseback to Jarabacoa, where you can marvel at Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the Caribbean, while studying in Santiago?

Or to the Bocas de Ceniza, in Barranquilla, where the Rio Magdalena meets the Caribbean Sea?

This summer, whichever road you take, you’ll have the opportunity to take courses at highly respected universities in a variety of subjects. Whether you want to master Spanish, or take courses in English, find the road less traveled in Latin America and immerse yourself in exploration.

Dos caminos divergían en un bosque, y yo

Yo tomé el menos transitado