ISA Announces Summer 2013 Scholarship Winners

Photo by ISA student Mara Obbink in the Sahara Desert

We are pleased to announce the summer semester scholarship winners!

ISA Diversity Scholarship:

  • Liana Martinez, The Ohio State University, Valparaíso & Viña del Mar Summer 3
  • Bryce St. Clair, The Ohio State University, Barcelona Summer 3

Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship:

  • Nicole Broden, Carroll College, Paris Summer 4 & 5
  • Shannon Marro, Salve Regina University, Valparaíso/Viña del Mar Summer 1
  • Jay Menees, University of South Carolina, Rome Summer 2
  • Heather Stewart, University of Louisville, San José Summer 6
  • Lisa Wilson, Grand Valley State University, Rome Summer 2

Kalyn Peterson Memorial Scholarship (ELAP):

  • Elizabeth Ireson, The Ohio State University, ELAP San José Summer 6

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

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