ISA Summer 2014 Faculty Seminar in Prague and Brussels

ISA is pleased to announce our Summer 2014 Faculty Seminar, which will take place in the cities of Prague and Brussels during the week of June 14th – 21st. The seminar, titled “From Curriculum Integration to Intercultural Competence: Facilitating Learning and Development for U.S. Students,” will provide participants with an opportunity to witness and discuss the various means through which ISA maximizes the study abroad experience for U.S. students, particularly in terms of overall learning, development and academic progress.

Colloquia during the faculty seminar will be hosted at Vesalius College, the University of Economics (Prague) and Charles University, three of ISA’s partner institutions. As part of each colloquium, host university faculty and participants will discuss topics related to teaching methodology, curriculum integration and maximizing student learning. Additionally, colloquium participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities that educators must consider when bringing or sending U.S. students to Prague and Brussels. Presentations by host university faculty will shed light on some of the factors that shape the students’ experience.

While in Prague and Brussels, participants will take part in guided city and campus tours and will have the opportunity to discuss academics and intercultural development with ISA students. Furthermore, seminar participants will be given an opportunity to partake in ISA-designed cultural activities in each locale, allowing them to witness first-hand how ISA facilitates learning through excursions and cultural activities.

For a description of the seminar activities, cultural visits and biographies of the colloquium presenters, please visit our Faculty Seminar website. The site will also provide an itinerary, and information regarding costs and registration.

Please contact with any questions about the seminar.