New Salamanca Summer Volunteer Teaching Program

Are you an education major or a student interested in a volunteer opportunity over the summer? Do you want to try something new and meet local Spaniards? Would you like to be able to practice your Spanish more while abroad? Would you like to be involved in the community during your study abroad experience?

The new Volunteer Teaching Program in Salamanca, Spain this summer offers students a variety of opportunities! This program is a great fit for any student who would like to volunteer while abroad and make connections with the local community.  Starting this summer 2015, ISA Salamanca students can assist with teaching English at a local English academy!

Program Highlights:

  • Open to all students participating in a summer session in Salamanca.
  • No Spanish experience necessary.
  • Flexible schedules. Students can volunteer 2-3 hours a week but can also volunteer more or less depending on their class schedule.
  • Students can teach children, teens or adults.
  • Possible to teach other English-related subjects such as “business English” or “medical English”.
  • The English academy is located in the center of the city and is right by Plaza Mayor.
  • Great opportunity to practice Spanish and to possibly meet local college-age students.
  • Receive a certificate of completion from the English academy.

For more information about this program or for any questions, contact Megan Jones, Salamanca Site Specialist.


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