London Sporting Events That You Should See This Summer

By Tayler Gill, ISA London Senior Site Specialist

As a Sport Management major in college, I learned a lot about the different aspects of the Sport & Entertainment Industry. We discussed everything from Marketing and Event Planning to Sport Law and Public Relations, and of course the history of sports.

One day my professor made a bold statement in front of the entire class. He said, “London is the birthplace of modern sports.”  I was already starting to consider where I would study abroad and his statement made me very curious to learn more, but also very skeptical.

As he dove into more detail throughout the semester, I was convinced that he was not only correct, but that I had to study abroad in London and experience all of these amazing events for myself. During my summer abroad, I was able to attend the Wimbledon Championships (tennis), The Open Championship (golf), see the new (at the time) Olympic Stadium, visit multiple world renowned athletic venues and even hopped over to Paris to see the final day of the Tour de France.

There’s no question that in the modern era London is hub for some of the most elite and largest sporting events in the world. If you love sports, London in the summer months is the only place to be! I’ve listed just a few of the top yearly competitions as well as special events for 2015, but there are so many more amazing events happening every week.


  • Virgin Money London Marathon         April 26 (Marathon)


  • European Challenge Cup                         May 1-2 (Rugby)
  • London Sevens                                           May 16-17 (Rugby)
  • FA Cup Final                                               May 30th (Football)


  • Polo in the Park                                          June 5 – June 7 (Polo)
  • Royal Ascot                                                  Jun 16 –Jun 20 (Horse Racing)
  • Wimbledon Championships                   Jun 29 – Jul 12 (Tennis)


  • England vs Australia, 2nd meeting        July 16-20 (Cricket)
  • The Open Championship                         July 12-19 – St. Andrews, Scotland (Golf)


Find out what else is happening in London in ISA’s London Culture Corner.


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