ISA Country Themed Playlists Now on Spotify!

By Graham Cruise, ISA Spain Site Specialist

Want to remember your study abroad trip to Spain? Or get in the mood for your upcoming semester in New Zealand? For all those music enthusiasts, language learners or anyone just looking for a fresh sound, ISA Site Specialists have put their international knowledge to use and have created country-specific Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure!

A great way to learn more about the country in which you will be studying is by familiarizing yourself with the style and sounds of music created by its inhabitants. For language learners, this is an indispensable way to enhance your listening skills. Simply by exploring the music scene, your brain will become more cognizant to the language and there is no more exciting way to practice speaking skills than by jamming out to tunes in the host language.

Music possesses many nostalgic qualities and by returning years later to the songs you loved while abroad, you will be transported back in time to your days roaming the world. We have created a playlist for nearly all ISA locations, so turn up the volume and enjoy the sounds from any ISA study abroad destination. In years to come, you’ll be able to relive your experiences from abroad over and over again.

Access the playlists on your computer by following this link;


On your phone, search for “spotify:user:isaplaylists” in the Spotify app to find and follow your favorite playlist.


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