ISA Team to Attend the NAFSA National Conference in Boston

The following members of the ISA team will be in Boston for the NAFSA National Conference at Booths 1104 and 1106:

Gustavo Artaza

Andrea Haynes
Regional Director, University Relations

Andrew Wingfield
Director of Degree Programs

Arturo Artaza
Vice President of University Relations and Marketing

Beth Calvert
Associate Director, University Relations

Caroline Ickes
Associate Director, University Relations

Deborah Morrison
Vice President Australia Programs, Strategic Initiatives

Dominick Luciano
Associate Vice President, University Relations and Marketing

Frank Serna
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Jimmy Brazelton

Vice President, Research and Development

Laura Pierce Weldon
Associate Vice President, Custom Programs

Lauren Alexander
Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Lisette Montoto
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Mark Gallovic
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Rafael Hoyle

Robin Reliford
Director of Health, Safety and Security

Rodrigo Franzoni
Resident Director, Florianapolis, Brazil


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