Congratulations to the 29 ISA Winter and Spring Students Awarded a Gilman Scholarship

ISA would like to congratulate the 29 ISA students awarded the Gilman Scholarship for their upcoming Winter and Spring study abroad programs!

Winter and Spring 2016 Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Winners:

Payton  A., Towson University, Cape Town – Spring
Yesenia B., Arizona State University, San Jose – Winter + Service-Learning
Breanna B., Towson University, Cape Town – Spring + Service-Learning
Kamera B., Old Dominion University, Meknes – Spring
Marc C., Salem State University, Meknes – Spring
Lauren C., McKendree University, Granada – Spring
Olabisi E., St. Cloud State University, Valencia – Spring
Savannah F., California State University – Monterey Bay, Meknes – Spring
Lindha G., University of Tennessee – Knoxville, Amman – Spring + Service-Learning
Natalie G., Mount Mary University, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar – Spring
Allyson H., Colorado State University, Cusco – Spring
Aisha J., University of Cincinnati, Buenos Aires – Spring
Jiana K., Middle Tennessee State University, Cape Town – Spring
Diana, L., Loyola University Maryland, Cape Town – Spring
Robert M., University of Mississippi, Heredia – Spring
Natasha M., University of Missouri – Columbia, Amman – Spring
Maria M., Texas Tech University, Florianopolis – Spring
Olivia O., University of Colorado – Boulder, Barcelona – Spring
Isabela  P., University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Valencia – Spring
Raul P., Texas Tech University, Beppu – Spring
Kaila P., Michigan Technological University, Malaga – Spring
Dillan R., University of Alabama at Birmingham, Amman – Spring
Stephen R., University of South Carolina, Tokyo – Spring
Breanna S., Iowa State University, Suva – Spring
Brandan S., Eastern Connecticut State University, Tokyo – Spring
Edith T., Mount Mary University, Seoul – Spring
Nancy Y., Mount Mary University, Seoul – Spring
Aiden Y., University of Toledo, Seoul – Spring
Amanda Y., Saint Anselm College, Sevilla – Spring

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