Debunking the “Study Abroad Will Put Me Behind” Myth

True or False? Studying abroad will put me behind in my studies and delay my intended graduation date.



While the Pacific region is full of universities that offer courses to study abroad students that closely align with U.S. degree programs and requirements, two universities offer them something more. What could be better than earning credits toward graduation in an absolutely beautiful location like Australia? Well, we’ll tell you – it’s getting ahead in your studies by earning a full semester worth of credits over your summer break!


Bond University in the Gold Coast and the International College of Management, Sydney operate on trimester schedules, allowing for students to choose from 3 different terms. By selecting the U.S. summer term, students are able to enroll in 4 courses and earn approximately 12 U.S. credits (with the option of an Internship-for-credit at ICMS). Some additional benefits of studying abroad at Bond of ICMS are:

1) Small Student-Staff Ratio – Bond and ICMS are smaller universities, so class sizes are small, giving you the personalized attention and mentoring you deserve.
2) Campus and Social Life – Both Bond and ICMS are smaller, more intimate campuses, providing a community feel and vibrant student social life.
3) Full Meal Plan Available –Students who select ISA’s “On Campus with Meals” option will have dorm-style accommodations, on campus, and have the full meal plan included within their ISA housing fees.
4) Professional Development – ICMS students have the opportunity to participate in an Internship-for-credit throughout the program.
5) Scholarships Available – Host University and Pacific Region scholarships available!

Application deadlines are February 15th have been extended to February 25th, so don’t delay. Your semester abroad in Sydney or the Gold Coast, Australia, awaits!

Learn more about ICMS.

Learn more about Bond University.

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