5 Must-See Museums to Visit in London While Studying Abroad

By Tayler Gill, ISA Sr. Site Specialist – London

There is so much to see and do in London and the museums are not to be missed! Not only does London host some of the most extensive and impressive collections, but most of the museums in London are FREE to visit. Below are my top 5 must-see museums to visit while you’re in London.

1)      British Museum

The British Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums and well known for hosting the Rosetta Stone on display.  Their collection ranges from statues, ancient artifacts, pottery and jewels from all over the world and comprises of an impressive range of cultures from the Ancient world to multiple Chinese Dynasties to the Ottoman Empire. The architecture of the building is also just as impressive and beautiful to view.

2)      Victoria & Albert Museum

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert were very instrumental in bringing the arts to the every day people, so it’s no surprise that this museum, named after the couple, is one of the best in the city. It boasts a eclectic collection of many types of art mediums including ceramics, sculpture, miniatures and photography. They’ve even had rotating fashion displays at various moments.


3)      Science Museum

A place where all who visit are kids! Interactive, entertaining and educational are the best words to sum up the Science Museum. Explore the history of science including space travel, medicine and communication all in one place! You’ll want quite a few hours for this one.

4)      National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery

The gallery displays a vast amount of paintings from all over the world. The museum is thoughtful, bright and so large that you could definitely spend an entire day there. It’s location in Trafalgar Square is another reason to make a trek to see the beautiful paintings. Afterwards, you can relax in the square, take pictures with the lion statues and walk down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

5)      Tate Modern

For Contemporary Art buffs this should definitely be on your tour of London. The Tate Modern museum is situated directly on the Thames in Bankside and occupies an old power station. The museum has a rotation of modern exhibits as well as their permanent gallery which includes pieces from Matisse, Rothko, Beuys, Dali, Warhol and Picasso. During the summer months, visitors can also walk to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for a tour or to catch a show.

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