2 Off the Beaten Path Study Abroad Destinations

By Brittany Allen, ISA Site Specialist

The world is full of beautiful, amazing, and exciting places to explore. Europe has been the site of some of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations. But if you are a student looking for adventurous and exciting locations that are a little off the beaten path of traditional study abroad, ISA has programs that would work for you!


Amman, Jordan

Amman is in the center of Jordan’s political, cultural and economic hub. It’s a beautiful city that embodies both traditional Arab and modern Western cultures. Students can enjoy traditional Jordanian food, bazaars, as well as much of the cuisine and shopping that can be found in the United States. The major highlights? Excursions of course! Must-see hot spots include a visit to Petra one of the wonders of the ancient world, Wadi Rum, the Amman Citadel, and the beautiful architecture of King Hussein Mosque.


Meknes, Morocco

The small traditional North African city of Meknes is a unique combination of Arab, Jewish and French culture. Meknes may be a smaller city in Morocco, but there is so much to explore! Meknes has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its role in medieval history. That history can be seen all around the city! The Medina, Ville Nouvelle, a visit to a Hammam are just a few of the cultural activities that students can engage in. Similar to Amman, the excursions that are offered are amazing! Students will start their program off in stunning Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city. Throughout the semester, students will also visit Fes, Marrakech, Ouzoud Falls, Tangier, Rabat, just to name a few! Students will have the opportunity to experience first-hand an incredible blend of culture through exploration, local food, shopping, historical sites and so much more!

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