When and Why ISA Signature Programs are Beneficial to Universities

By working with ISA Custom Programs and Strategic Partnerships to develop a Signature Program, institutions can utilize ISA’s existing infrastructure to tailor study abroad programs for their students. ISA offers three types of program models: faculty-led, support services, and Signature Programs. A Signature Program is a re-branded existing ISA program with an institution’s name and any requested modifications.

In this recorded video presentation for Study Abroad Offices and faculty members, Lauren Alexander, Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, and Stephanie Keinz, Custom Program Manager, discuss when and why establishing a Signature Program through ISA may be beneficial and what that process looks like.

How does a Signature Program Work?

Institutions can choose an existing ISA program suited to their academic needs with the guidance of ISA staff. ISA will then tailor and brand the program to offer to your students, ensuring that the promotional and application processes both carry your institution’s brand. Students on Signature Programs are treated like regular ISA participants on-site with all the same support services for pre-departure and on-site, academics, cultural activities, excursions, etc. with the exception of any applicable modifications made by your institution.

When Does It Makes Sense to Develop a Signature Program?

There are several scenarios in which developing a Signature Program with ISA is a great idea. One situation is if there are a number of available courses for a particular program. Institutions can limit course selection to pre-approved courses during the registration process for Signature Programs. This simplifies the process for both universities and participants. It also makes sense to develop a Signature Program when there is already an existing core group of students going on a program, in which case it would be beneficial to streamline and formalize the process. In addition, partnering with ISA can help establish more credibility and boost enrollment numbers if your institution’s program offering is not getting a lot of students interest.

What are the Benefits of a Signature Program?

There are many benefits to establishing a Signature Program. Signature Programs will enjoy administrative and faculty buy-in because courses will be pre-approved after administrators and faculty have reviewed the program. Signature Programs can also help universities gaining visibility in the international education field by leveraging ISA already existing resources to help get your university’s name out there. We can set up direct billing specifically for Signature Programs, streamlining billing for your university. There’s also no faculty commitment and no student minimum, like there are for a traditional faculty-led model.

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