ISA Announces Winter and Spring 2017 Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Winners

ISA would like to congratulate the 22 ISA students awarded the Gilman Scholarship for their upcoming Winter and Spring study abroad programs!

Winter and Spring 2017 Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Winners:

Peace Adeyemo , University of Memphis , Seoul – Spring

Erinn Brown, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Rome – Spring

Cameron Buckman, San Diego State University, Cape Town – Spring

Diana Chen, Arizona State University, San José Winter + Service Learning

Karissa Coady, Rhodes College, Prague – Spring

Adrianna Coronado, Mount Mary University, Buenos Aires – Spring

Spencer Deer, Wright State University, Meknes – Spring

Cassidy Dutton, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, Meknes – Spring

Jessica Espaillat, University of Houston, Tokyo – Spring

Shannon Herlihy, University of North Carolina-Asheville, Bangkok – Winter

Frankie Hernandez, University of Kansas, Cape Town – Spring

Derek Juracek, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Port Elizabeth – Spring

Vivien Li, University of Redlands, Milan – Spring

Imani Moorman, Central State University, Shanghai – Spring

Margaret Rocha, DePauw University, Melbourne – Spring

Angela Rodriguez, University of Florida, Seoul – Spring

Kirsten Saiz, California State University-Monterey Bay, Meknes – Spring

Ashley Short, Northern Michigan University, San José – Winter

Joshua Smith, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, San José – Winter + Service Learning

Shiraz Soltani, Texas Woman’s University, Sydney – Spring

Whitney Stanton, University of Colorado-Boulder, Barcelona – Spring

Bao Xiong, University of California-Merced, Bangkok – Spring


Learn more about this and other scholarship opportunities available to ISA students.

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