ISA Service-Learning Community Partner Honors the Al-Amal Association on International Women’s Day

 In honor of International Women’s Day, ISA would like to celebrate the Al-Amal Association, one of our ISA Service-Learning community partner organizations in Meknes, Morocco.

The Al-Amal Association for Development and Training was founded in 2007 by Salwa Jabli, an amazing Moroccan woman whose vision was to empower local women in her community to become more self-sufficient in supporting themselves and their families. Al Amal’s training activities include literary courses, computer classes, traditional handcrafting and other important skills. Recently, the Al-Amal Association has expanded their services by providing support and guidance for victims of domestic violence.

 Each year our Service-Learning participants work alongside the president of the foundation to implement and assist with educational activities and awareness seminars on health, wellness and social issues. Over the years, ISA participants have played an integral role in helping with the success of the association.

The Al-Amal Association is just one of many organizations for future policy makers and advocates for women’s development. Those interested should pursue their passion by contacting ISA Service-Learning for more information on programs in Women’s Empowerment.

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