Ways to Stay Active in Valencia!

By Kendra Ansotigue, Site Specialist – Valencia

Looking to stay active while abroad? Then Valencia is just the right city for you! It is so easy for students to get movin’ as they will have the opportunity to participate in multiple physical activities during their time in Valencia, whether it be a semester/year program or even a summer program. Not only does Valencia offer sports, but since there is a beach nearby, students also can participate in water sports! Here are some ways students can get involved in staying active during their time abroad:

Photo by ISA Alum, Josh Morrison
  1. Join the Running Club!
    If students love to run, this will be a great way to see the city, experience the culture through the streets, and meet locals/other students. There are many different races throughout the year that students are encourage to participate in if they like to run. Many students who have previously joined the Running Club really enjoyed their time and loved getting to know the other locals who have participated as well!
  2. Bike, walk, run, hike, skateboard, etc. through Río Turia!
    This long river that goes throughout the city is no longer filled with water but filled with bike/running/walking paths, gardens, and different ways for people to exercise.
  3. Participate in a beach volleyball game, fútbol game, softball game, water sports and other sports activities!
    The fantastic ISA Valencia on-site staff will be letting students know about the different activities happening each week that students can participate in for free or for a very low cost depending on the specific activity.

The activities mentioned above are a few options students have when looking to stay active while abroad.  If you are interested in learning more about the activities, feel free to reach out to the ISA Valencia staff. We would be more than happy to help answer any questions you have about the activities, programs, or city in general!

Want more information about study abroad programs in Valencia?

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