The Insider Scoop on Interning in Santiago, Chile

By Megan Kane, ISA Outreach Manager, Internships and Service-Learning

As one of the most prosperous Latin American cities, Santiago, Chile is buzzing with opportunities. A rapidly growing economy and political stability make it an excellent location to experience hands-on work in a dynamic setting.

No habla española? No problem. Internships are in English and Spanish.

Travel Journalism

Keteka is an international platform that gathers information from different tourism agencies, adventure travel providers, and operators from around the world in order to educate travelers about their options abroad. Interns may focus on publishing a series of articles about purposeful and sustainable travel in Chile. Intrigued?

Follow Bennett’s journey through his Traveler’s Journal featured on Keteka’s website.

Human Rights

Fundación Memoria Viva mission is to recover, preserve and disseminate the testimonies of Jewish survivors who escaped Europe during the Holocaust and to work on developing educational projects related to the Holocaust. Interns may work with survivors to record their stories, translate documents, create educational programs, or work within the existing educational programs to inform and educate Chilean citizenry.

Click here to read Nicolette’s experience.

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Empresas Copec is a Chilean energy and forestry company with a chain of gas stations throughout the country. Under the supervision of the Engineering Management team, interns may collaborate with professional engineers and designers to create, build, and implement innovative fuel products. Intrigued?

Click here to read Katie’s experience.

Not finding a placement that “speaks to you” on the website? Fear not!

All ISA internships are custom-matched to fit your unique skill-set and career interests.

Visit the ISA Internships website to learn more about our process.

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