An Insider’s Perspective to Studying Business in Wellington, New Zealand

You’ve decided to study abroad in New Zealand? Awesome! But where in New Zealand? For a small country, New Zealand offers a surprising number of institutions for studying abroad. To find the right one, it’s helpful to get an insider’s perspective.

ISA alum and Global Ambassador Leah Dunn took a break from her busy senior year at the University of Colorado, Boulder to give us a look into her semester abroad. As part of her business major, Leah studied at Victoria University of Wellington, a perfect spot for taking in the city’s business district and café culture.


What made you select Victoria University of Wellington? 

I chose Victoria University of Wellington because I liked the fact that I would be going to school in New Zealand’s capital and that I could literally go anywhere from Wellington. It’s easy to get to the South Island by ferry and it’s easy to get to Auckland from the Wellington Airport.

What business courses did you take at Victoria University of Wellington?

I took International Management (IBUS 212) and Consumer Behaviour (MARK 202).

How did your business courses differ in Victoria University of Wellington from University of Colorado, Boulder business courses? Did either of your courses provide you with any unique experiences inside or outside of the classroom?

My business courses differed a lot at Victoria University of Wellington from University of Colorado, Boulder business courses, specifically in the grading aspect and how the class is run. In New Zealand, you are expected to read and learn on your own, have one project/main assignment, and then one test. However, the grading is super different, where a 50% is a C and you can still pass the class. It’s also somewhat strange learning about International Management in a different country, and you get to be the resident “expert” on everything American.

Would you recommend Victoria University of Wellington for other students studying business?

I would highly recommend Victoria University of Wellington for other business students. They have a really amazing business program and school there, and the professors really know their stuff.

What were your favorite things about studying/living in Wellington?

There is just so much to do in Wellington and everything is accessible by bus, taxi, train, or Uber. Whether it’s a night out on Courtney Place, shopping on Cuba Street, or going and exploring Mount Vic., you’ll never be bored in Wellington.

What was your favorite memory from your semester abroad?

Definitely living in the flats on Fairlie Terrace and meeting all the other international students, and creating a community with each other. We would have weekly pot lucks, hang out together, go on trips, and have an all-around good time.

Learn more about Wellington and apply for a semester or summer program at Victoria University of Wellington today!

Semester application deadlines are April 1st for the Fall and November 1st for the Spring, so what better time than now to start planning for your next epic adventure?

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