Unique Service-Learning Opportunities in Salamanca, Spain

By Megan Kane, ISA Internships and Service Learning Outreach Coordinator

From exploring Gothic and Renaissance architecture in the Old City to devouring tapas on Calle Varillas between classes at the Universidad de Salamanca, it’s easy to see why this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been a top-choice for students looking for an international experience for the past 800 years!

Aside from architecture and cuisine, one of the best ways to get a deeper understanding of Spanish culture is by getting involved with local community organizations through volunteer work.

Environment and Conservation

The University of Salamanca has initiated programs and campaigns to make the city greener and to improve the lives of its residents. Tasks range from administrative office duties, city and river clean up, workshops on recycling, and public campaigns on sustainability issues. Participants will be involved in outdoor activities related to environmental education and raise awareness about creative ecological practices that favor sustainability.

Community Enrichment through the Arts

Salamanca’s school for music and dance serves as an incubator for artistic talent in the city. Perfect for the creative type, participants will become an active member in Salamanca’s music community by playing with a city band, orchestra or school at local events or leading a music or dance workshop.

Education and Literacy

Be a part of the cultural heart of Salamanca at the public Library. Contribute to this dynamic Spanish institution by helping to plan, organize and publicize weekly workshops and cultural activities for kids and adults.  Participants will engage with the community and assist with a variety of workshops involving art, literature, reading, English classes, and/or theatrical activities for children.

Learn more about the service-learning opportunities available in Salamanca, Spain.

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