Hydra, Greece

Explore the Historic Towns of Greece on ISA Athens Excursions

By Brittany Clark, Site Specialist

If you’ve ever watched Mama Mia or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then you’ve probably always dreamt of exploring Greece like the characters in the movies. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll fall in love with a local Greek like the characters did in the movies, we can guarantee that you’ll get to participate on ISA excursions that will take you all over Greece!

A pack horse in Hydra, Greece
Meeting the locals in Hydra. (Photo by Caroline Aurigemma)

The ISA Athens, Greece programs offer multiple excursions to some of the most beautiful and exotic areas in Greece. Here are some of the highlighted excursions included in an ISA Athens program:


One of the most beautiful and romantic towns of Greece, Nauplion is located in Peloponnese. This was the first capital of Greece. The Venetians, as well as the Franks, helped in transforming the town into a fully fortified area. The castle of Palamidi and the water castle of Bourtzi are the two most beautiful buildings of the area.

Delphi, Greece
The scenic village of Delphi, Greece. (Photo by Caroline Aurigemma)


You will be able to discover the ancient and most popular archaeological site of Delphi, home of the Oracle of Apollo, in Central Greece. It is a place with a rich heritage and was considered the center of the world by ancient Greeks. Arachova Village is next to Delphi; it is a very small yet picturesque village. It is also considered a popular ski resort area.


Cape Sounio is located in the southernmost tip of the Attic Peninsula. It is well known for its Temple of Poseidon, the God of Sea. The archaeological site lies by the sea and the view from the hill is spectacular. Nearby, there are traditional tavernas that serve lunch just a step away from the waves of the Aegean Sea.

View of the coast of Hydra, Greece
Coastal view of Hydra, Greece. (Photo by Caroline Aurigemma)


Hydra is an island close to the region of Attica. Owing to its amphitheater shape, it was once the shelter of Saronic Pirates. Its unique architecture, marvelous landscapes, and crystal water beaches make it a must-see during all seasons.

For more information on ISA’s programs in Greece, please visit the ISA Athens programs page here.

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