Navigating ISA’s Newly Designed Website

Welcome to the new look of ISA’s website. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features to help get you started navigating through.

The Homepage:

Feature #1 – Find a Program button

This is the example of the Program Search filter bar.

This button takes you to the new Find a Program page where programs can be sorted by Program Type, Area of Study, Destination, Term, Language of Instruction, City Size, and Interests, as well as sort by Price or Name.

Feature #2 – Account Login

Create an account to save favorite programs to compare them later.

Feature #3 – Apply Now Button

Located on the homepage for easy access when students are ready to apply.

Program Cards

Program cards are created for each program ISA offers. Here’s what to look for:

#1 – Region and Country

The heading color changes to correspond with the Region the program is located, followed by the country in which the program takes place.

#2 – Program City

#3 – Name of the program

#4 – University name

#5 – Starting price and Program term

Advisors & Faculty Section

This section is home to a variety of resources such as academic advising guides, information about ISA workshops and site visits, academic transcript request forms, and more.

There are so many more parts of the new website that we’d like to tell you about, but these are some of the places you’ll be visiting most. We can’t wait for you to continue to explore the new site.

If questions arise while you’re browsing the site, please contact us at to let us know.

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