Best of Latin America – Academics 

By Alan Thompson, Site Specialist, Colombia, Peru and Dominican Republic; Kim Sarna, Geographic Oversight Manager, Latin America; Svaja Pakalniskis, Site Specialist, Argentina and Costa Rica;  Madeline Hume, Program Manager, Chile and Costa Rica; and Johanna Alvarado, Associate Director While we hope that you’ll take away valuable outside … Continue reading Best of Latin America – Academics 

ISA Team to Attend the NAFSA National Conference in Boston

The following members of the ISA team will be in Boston for the NAFSA National Conference at Booths 1104 and 1106:

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Photo by ISA student Tiffany Lewis

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know are Included in Your Fall 2015 Brazil Program

You may have expected beautiful beaches, incredible weather and extraordinarily friendly people, but here are 5 things you might not expect from our study abroad program in Florianópolis, Brazil!

ISA Students Awarded FEA Scholarships!

ISA would like to congratulate 3 ISA students awarded Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) scholarships for study abroad programs in 2015-2016. Brandon Morrissette Plymouth State University, to study in South Korea BASAA Scholarship Recipient John Phillips Cal State San Marcos, to study in Jordan LaVannah Watt University of Texas – Arlington, to study in Costa Rica To learn about scholarship opportunities through ISA, visit the scholarship page on the ISA website. For a full list of FEA scholarship recipients, please visit the FEA website.     Continue reading ISA Students Awarded FEA Scholarships!

Art in Paris: Get Inspired by the City of Light this Summer

By Matt Gulizia, ISA Paris Site Specialist

Paris has been a global epicenter of art and culture for centuries, so what better place to become artistically inspired and influenced than the “City of Light”? Inhabitants of Paris are surrounded by beauty at every turn; rustic cobbled streets, architectural elegance and intricately designed gardens can often be found in the most unlikely of places throughout the city.  Even the light itself has captured the attention of prominent artists throughout history, giving Paris its nickname of “la Ville Lumière” (the City of Light).

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New Salamanca Summer Volunteer Teaching Program

Are you an education major or a student interested in a volunteer opportunity over the summer? Do you want to try something new and meet local Spaniards? Would you like to be able to practice your Spanish more while abroad? Would you like to be involved in the community during your study abroad experience? Continue reading “New Salamanca Summer Volunteer Teaching Program”

4 Reasons to be in New Zealand This Fall

Here’s our top reasons why you should plan to head to New Zealand for the fall semester.

Counting Down!

4. Seasons – Since New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are flipped. So, while temperatures are dropping in the US, they’re rising in New Zealand. Instead of bundling up, braving the cold wind and sloshing through the freezing snow, you could be enjoying the warm spring sunshine and learning to surf on a stretch of the country’s more than 8,700 miles of coastline. Continue reading “4 Reasons to be in New Zealand This Fall”

Sustainability, Fashion and Culture: Get the Most Out of Studying Abroad in Milan

By Olivia O’Connell, ISA Italy Site Specialist

Studying abroad in Milan can be a fantastic way to enhance worldly travels and help students to flourish academically.  Milan is a vivacious Northern Italian city that links the country to the rest of Europe and is home to the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), the largest private university in Europe. While UCSC and its internationally focused curriculum offer courses in a variety of fields, the one thing that truly makes this university so special is how it connects students to the Italian culture and current events of the city. Continue reading “Sustainability, Fashion and Culture: Get the Most Out of Studying Abroad in Milan”

Discover South Africa’s Hidden Study Abroad Gems

By Brittany Waddell-Allen, ISA South Africa Site Specialist

This Fall, consider discovering the hidden gems of South Africa’s Eastern coastline. Both Port Elizabeth and Durban are amazing locations and have so much to offer students. Here are some of the highlights of living and studying in these two beautiful locations! Continue reading “Discover South Africa’s Hidden Study Abroad Gems”