London, England: Something For Everyone

By Aley Bedair, University Relations Coordinator, Mary Howington, Site Specialist, England, and Scotland, and Megan Kane, Marketing Coordinator From internships in the heart of London to an international Christian mission practicum, London has something for every student, especially for those who crave an experience … Continue reading London, England: Something For Everyone

London Sporting Events That You Should See This Summer

By Tayler Gill, ISA London Senior Site Specialist

As a Sport Management major in college, I learned a lot about the different aspects of the Sport & Entertainment Industry. We discussed everything from Marketing and Event Planning to Sport Law and Public Relations, and of course the history of sports.

One day my professor made a bold statement in front of the entire class. He said, “London is the birthplace of modern sports.”  I was already starting to consider where I would study abroad and his statement made me very curious to learn more, but also very skeptical.

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