London, England: Something For Everyone

By Aley Bedair, University Relations Coordinator, Mary Howington, Site Specialist, England, and Scotland, and Megan Kane, Marketing Coordinator From internships in the heart of London to an international Christian mission practicum, London has something for every student, especially for those who crave an experience … Continue reading London, England: Something For Everyone

Paris: The City I’ve Grown Up to Love

By Caroline Tosbath, ISA Student Services Advisor

I am Caroline Tosbath, a new addition to the Student Services Advisor team here at International Studies Abroad (ISA). I have spent my fair share of summers in the historic and beautiful city of Paris, France. I hope that my small anecdote will inspire you to travel, explore and create your own study abroad story!

Growing up, I spent several summers in Paris, France with my family. For my Parisian mother, this city is home and she wanted us to feel the same way from a very young age. I remember how wondrous it felt to walk the cobblestone streets, eat my first Nutella-filled crepe and explore the aisles and aisles of French comic books at the famous FNAC. I remember looking out the window of my family’s apartment in Montmartre with total enchantment year after year; the joyful French masses singing and dancing at the Abbesses metro stop on Bastille Day, long past midnight or the children going round and round the colorful merry go round on the square. Continue reading “Paris: The City I’ve Grown Up to Love”