London, England: Something For Everyone

By Aley Bedair, University Relations Coordinator, Mary Howington, Site Specialist, England, and Scotland, and Megan Kane, Marketing Coordinator From internships in the heart of London to an international Christian mission practicum, London has something for every student, especially for those who crave an experience … Continue reading London, England: Something For Everyone

Summer in the City: Madrid, Spain

Raquel Ramírez Cervera is an ISA Site Specialist for Spain and the U.S. Liaison for University Relations. Raquel works with students studying abroad in Málaga, Madrid, and Granada. Madrid is a city of purpose and there is no better time to experience the pulse of Madrid than in the summer. Aside from its open markets, museums, mouth watering tapas, and mild temperatures, here are a few more reasons Madrid the ideal location to study abroad this summer. 1) Fun in the sun!  Imagine relaxing in plazas, parks and sprawling green spaces leisurely nessled  in this beautiful modern city of 3 … Continue reading Summer in the City: Madrid, Spain